Tyre Ventures Inc

Created out of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Fred Ayoub who comes with over 15 years of cleantech business experience and 17 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Tyre Ventures’ primary goal is to support clean-tech businesses by providing expertise in business and project management ensuring that non-diluted and public investments can be acquired.

Welcome to Tyre Ventures

Tyre Ventures provides strategic advice on the development of project proposals, business cases and technology value propositions for cleantech businesses, helping them penetrate markets through effective and efficient project planning.

What do you get when working with Tyre Ventures?

  • Experienced funding advisors who have worked with over hundreds of Canadian organizations in the cleantech industry.
  • Experts in developing cleantech project proposals, business cases and value propositions that are essential in attracting public and private investors.
  • Highly knowledgeable professionals who know how to secure funding in the cleantech sector in Canada, including what your company needs to do to attract investors, who these investors are and what are their funding requirements.
  • An established network of cleantech contacts and other organizations to help you meet your business goals.
  • Experienced advisors who have successfully negotiated and closed private and public contribution agreements.
  • Experienced business advisors with over 14 years of entrepreneurial insight into the cleantech industry.