Founder & President

Mr. Fred Ayoub, president of Tyre Ventures Inc, is an established member of the cleantech community having worked in the industry for over 15 years.

With contacts in hundreds of organizations and funding agencies across Canada he is an extensively experienced and goal-oriented leader with a demonstrated track record in helping organizations build and obtain buy-in for a corporate vision, develop internal systems to deal with growth and capacity issues while using networks, partnerships and a strong sales pipeline to increase sales and foster deeper relationships with clients and investors. Within these relationships he has been able to work on projects that have led to the building of ethanol plants and plasma arc gasification plants amongst others.

Having previously owned and operated three highly successful and profitable businesses he began his entrepreneurial success with the creation of a multimillion-dollar company Pathway Design as the preferred supplier of high tech precision parts to companies in the fuel cell industry subsequently increasing client’s revenue.

With experience and knowledge of both the business (administration and financial) and technological challenges that cleantech businesses faced he joined Sustainable Development Technology Canada as the Manager of Applications providing strategic advice to hundreds of companies while helping to them to secure funding.

From this experience Fred moved on to Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer at Sustainable Ventures Incorporated where he provided services to cleantech companies in support of commercialization and market uptake of new sustainable technologies.