Cleantech Funding

Tyre Ventures helps cleantech companies develop business cases in order to attract non-diutive or public funding as well as funding from strategic and private investors.  

Our cleantech funding advisors provide a range of services within the following three steps:

1. Completion of an initial business and technology assessment (IBTA) to determine:

  • The current position of the organization along the innovation chain.
  • What steps the organization needs to take to meet their project and investment goals determined from a gap assessment/analysis and situation analysis.
  • What suggestions Tyre Ventures Inc. can make, taking into consideration the organization’s market entry strategies, current business model, current investments and technology in order to move the project to profitability.

2. Creation of a project plan that:

  • Creates a business case.
  • Reviews/updates or creates project budgets in line with time lines.
  • Identifies key milestones and team members needed in order to reach market penetration and profitability.

3. Completion of a public and private funding assessment that primarily focuses on public and non-dilutive investments where services could include:

  • Researching appropriate investment opportunities based on the organization’s position along the innovation chain.
  • Approaching and introducing investors to the organization.
  • Managing funding proposals and investor relations.